3D Crystal “Lion” Laser Engraved Cube

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3D Laser Etched Crystal Lion and Cub Cube


This 3D laser etched crystal cube features a lion and cub resting together. Composed of K9 crystal, this piece is 3 inches wide, and stands 1 3/4 inches tall. Add a lighted mirror base with this great laser engraved glass cube to illuminate the intricate details of its design.

All the laser etched crystal cubes within the Glass Gallery 3D Crystal Collection are intricately detailed creations. Laser engraving crystal involves taking highly detailed images from which we develop product designs. The designs are engraved or etched into the crystal cubes by shooting lasers (or light energy) into the cube at different depths and intensities. Thousands of targeted infractions are made from the light energy-producing the image you see in this design.

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Dimensions 3 x 1 in


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